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ok, i have to do this.. I LOVE ANTHONY

I love him sooo0o much it's impossible. i wanna write this for him. Hopefully he'll read it one day..

Dear Anthony,

Baby.. I love you so dearly, You mean absolutly EVERYTHING to me!! I know i done stupid things in the past like lose you, But if it was to happen agen i would die without you. I truly believe that we were mean't for eachother.I really do think that we are soul-mates, match made in heaven, star-crossed-lovers, what ever you wanna call it, we are complete with eachother, & without you there is only half of me. I wanna be able to spend the rest of my life with you, I wanna marry you so you can be mine forever, i wanna have your children because i know you would make the perfect dad after seeing you with ur baby sisters.. I can just see that you would care & love ur own child so damn much & do anything for it. i hate going to sleep without you, & waking up without you. You are absolutly everything a girl could ask for, & i consider my self the luckiest girl in this whole universe, just to have you! I don't know how i could of been so blind before. But now my eyes have opened & i have realised that you are my only love, from the moment i met you i felt something with you. I dont know if you did with me.. But i just felt a connection, & i am truly gratefull we met & i reckon we were mean't to meet eachother. I love every single little thing about you.. i love how sweet you are, & how kind.. & funny.. & that you can be serious about stuff when you need to be and dont joke around & that, yes, you can be immature.. But in a good way!! bcos u make me laugh so much. but ur never immature in a bad way.. Just doing stupid little things like jumping off the rock @ towns beach.. Or clibming up mountains & nearly killing yourself.. even tho thats a bad thing!!!!!!! I think you have so much potential to be what ever you wanna be. & your the type of person that wouldn't let anything stop you from what you want. I love that you can act the same way with me when its just us, or if your friends are around, the fact that you dont care what they think if you cuddle or kiss me. & thats what a true boyfriend should be like. You are the most incredible, amazing, most gorgeous guy i have ever met in my entire lifetime.. And there will never ever be anyone that will ever come anywhere as close to as perfect as you. & if there does, ill kick there ass bcos you'd still be better then any other guy on the planet. i love you so much my love for you wouldnt even take up the universe, the galaxy, our earth & our sky.. thats how much i love you.. Even more then that! & i know that you love me as much !! even though i love you way more =P I trust you with everything i have. You are, without a doubt, My bestest friend, My truest love, My only one.
I love you with all my heart & soul.
Love you baby. Mwa xo0ox0ox0ox

Love always, Angela. xoxox <3
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aLoHa <3

Hello Hello!! I'm soo sorry I have neglected you for so long!! So. What have I been up to.. I shall tell you. It was my birthday on saturday that just pasted. I turned 16! woo!! & I went for my L's but I failed... I wasn't to happy about that. But anyways. On monday I went on "Retreat" Which is sorta like camp. But we only went to bonny hills. But now I think about it, it was pretty fun but there i complained i wanted to come home but meh. I got some pretty cool photos but since i used a throw-away cam i can't get them on the comp. =(. Oh well. It was soo fun. In our cabin we had, Jess, Paige, Kat, Courtenay, Jenna, Emma & Yalene. It was coolies. Our parents had to send us a letter telling us how much they loved us & all this stuff. Mine was soo sweet. I cried soo god damn much!! Lol I'd say the retreat was more miserable then enjoyable lol. But it was fun @ times... lol. & Also on our last day we had to do this thing. & everyone got an envolope each & these lil peices of paper. & we were in different groups lol i was in "Grandpa Brownbill" lol. & there like 8 people in each group & on the pieces of paper we'd write something we like about them or something nice. & then we put it in there envolope then once we done everyone in the group we could do it for our other friends in the other groups & in the end i had 17 lil notes hehe. At the end im going to write the letter my mum send & all my lil notes from everyone hehe. Cos i am extremly bored!!!! On the trip we had to climb up Northbrother Mountain. It was a fucking MISSION it was so damn hard lol. I was last yeww!! Hehehe

Okay well these are the lil notes from everyone.

1. Jess - Hey you! We have to write to people we care about & the good things about them so here goes.
I love the way you're honest & don't make out to be some one your not. I respect you so much. I love the way that when you like something, You really like it & talk about it in happiness. I like the way i've known you 7 years & still seem to learn more about you everyday. Basically, I love you with my whole heart.

2. Paige - We have a great friendship & i will never forget all the fun times we have had! You mean alot to me! Your funny & hell fun to be around!!

3. Emma - Your awesome & damn funny.

4. Joe - I like that you are very outspoken & don't mind having your opinion out loud for everyone else to consider.

5. Tilly - Your sooo funny & beautiful & you always make me happy! Friends 4ever.

6. Courtenay - I'm glad we are friends. You bring so much life... Into my life. Your so caring towards peopel & i'm glad we met!

7. Blake - You are a funny & caring person.

8. Matty =) - *Loud. *Upfront. *Kind. *Cool. (plus he drew a wave for me)

9. Mr Peres - Remember - Drop the mask. You are a beautiful person. Let it shine!

10. Kat - You are a great chick & very out going. I am so happy you came to this school.

11. Mr Watson - A big softie inside one you let yourself go. Will find peace with yourself one day.

12. Samantha - Being new to the school you have fitted in well so it shows your ability to be kind & sharing to others.

13. Rachel - You seem to be a fun, funny, cool, nice person.

14. Stephen - I find that we can joke around when the time comes. P.s. coconut milk is yummy. (He's a bit of a freak that one lol)

15. Yalene - Angela, Even though i haven't known you for long, I still love ya! your so cute =).

16. Jen Jen - Thanks for being such a good mate to me. You have the ability to make me laugh & enjoy the day when your around.

17. Jess.E - Angela, Um, I don't really know you very well, But you seem like a fun & interesting person to be around.

Yeah they were my lil letters from everyone hehehe! MWAHS! Also this is the letter my mum sent me.

Dearest Angela,
Hi, How are you? Hope your enjoying you trip away. I am writing this letter to let you know how much I feel. I am so proud to have such a beautiful daughter like you. Wow, sixteen in 2 days time! Obviously your birthday would of gone, By the time you read this letter, But at the moment i am so excited about you "L" test. Hope you pass. Sometimes i dont think you realize how much i love you. well i do! lots & lots & lots. I love everything about you, You have such a good heart & you are proving to be really smart, Judging by the work you show me in your books. When i see you with other kids, Like next door, Or like when we were on hamilton island, The kids there, You always played with them. When i see you like that i know you will make a fantastic mother! You're just so great with other children. I know we have some fights (not many tho) But we always make up, We never let it go on for days. I am so glad that you are in my life, iy makes me feel special, Because you are special! You have the rest of your life to do anything you want & i know whatever you want to do, You can! I had a great time watching you on your new surfboard! I reckon you will get the hang of it really quick! It'll be great when we move, Cause we will be closer to the beach so you can just walk over! Ha! Surfer girl! I just went into your room & watched you sleeping.You look so peaceful! I think back when you were a little baby & now you're nearly a woman! Time has gone by so fast! I know our life has been different compared to the kids who have a mum and dad at home, but i really tried my best, & i dont think our life together has been that bad because of it. You & i are much closer because of it. I just want you to be happy & enjoy your life, cause it goes by so fast. Before you know it, You'll be married, probably a baby on the way! i'll be a grandmother!! woo woo. That would be the absolute BEST!! Holding your little baby in my arms! I hope your future will be bright and you will be happy! I love you so much! (i still see you as my little baby girl) & no matter whar happens good or bad, i will be behind you all the way! remember that! It doesnt matter what you do, I will always love you. You are a part of me! Anyway i hope you are having a good time & cant wait till you are home!

All my love, forever & always
Your mum. xoxox

How sweet is it!! I cried soo much when i was reading it aww sooo sad.

Anyways im off. Hope you ejoy the entry.

Peace out!<33 mee
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OMFG!!!! BLINK 182 HAVE BROKEN UP NOOO!! :'(:'( boohoo,

How muther-frigin gayyyy!! im at school atm in geo.. doin a assesment thingy but not really since im on this and we playin games and shit yeah how cool

PEACE OUT <33333333

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Dear Journal.

Sorry i havent written in yonky donkeys!! I havent been bothered too lol. I haven't been up to much.. Just school & work.. School is really good. I love it soo much!! I have retreat next week.. Which is sorta like camp. But were just goin to Bonny Hills. What fun. it's only 20 mins away lol. But we got for 3 days, Mon-wed. Then come back & the other half goes on Wed-fri. & i get to stay home those days ! YAY ! Also my birthday is in 3 days <33. Except i think my dad is making me work. & i think he's makin me work cos he doesn't realise it's my birthday cos he's a fucked up rubber ducky like that. But ohhhhhhh well.

Peace out. <333

2 weeks from today!!! BRRUMMM BRUUMM BRUUMMMM!! BEEP BEEP!!


Today I worked. But i wouldn't really call it work since i BLUDGED the whole time. Except when my dad & dawn were there.. I made myself look useful. But once they were gone I was the most laziestt fuck you would ever meet. I just talked to peoples & was talkin to luke the hole time. We didn't have to clean anything because i already done it because i started before luke. Yeah see i am useful. I cleaned out the fridges, choped the fruit, cleaned the floor & cleaned the juicer. It may not seem much but when your doin it, It really does suck & is hard work. Ohh well.

Last night Jess & Holt were here.. Holt left around 8:30pm & Jess stayed a while longer. As we were talking on the net Anthony{Fuckin HawwwwwTy!} signed on & I started talkin to him & he was with Joel (Peter Pan..He's fuckin hawwwt!) I said come shout us a sesh! & I'll pay ya back 2moro because I was getting weed today ;) Oh yeah snaps!! LOL & he said YES! So they came picked us up & we were gonna do it in the car but we couldn't find the scissors so we went to joels & as we were getting out of the car Anthony said "uhh don't kill me joel." & he took for-fucking-ever to say what was wrong & finally when he said it, it was "The scissors are under my FOOT" So we drove all the way to joels for NOTHING~!!!! But we got stoned in the garage & then crashed in the lounge room watchin Dodgeball. Luv that movie it's soo funny <33 & then around 11:30 we left & joel dropped jess off, Then anthony then me. & then i got inside & made a sandwich lol. OH YEAH!!

<333333333333 me, xoxox
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I feel like typing in grey .

Well my week has been pretty good so far =).. School is absolutely awesome!!! I love it! As you know I dyed my hair on saturday night. Well I didn't do anything on sunday I can say that much lol. But my week at school... Ready?? GO!

Monday: Went to school in my dress, & the pricipal asks mum to drive me back home to put my sport uniform on because it's the fucking swimming carnival. How very plesent! So we went back & I got changed then we went back to the school & a teacher drove me to the pool. Since it was the swimming carnival, Noone was going because there all lazy shits! (You guys Suck!) Anywho.. I got to the pool & seen deane & he showed me to my "House" Lol the gay swimming houses we have (Macquarie, Innes, Oxley, Flinders) I was mean't to be in Innes, But I got chucked in flinders with these chicks who were really stuck up so I didn't quiet like em, Then I seen Paige & she came sat with me & me & her sat on the cold, hard concrete steps the whole day, Lol & we got like.. 4 cans of coke each lol.. Maybe it was 5?? Anyways we were cheerin our swimmers on so much we lost our voices & the next day my voice was all weird lol. But the swimming carni was mad. I got introduced to, Michael (he's soo fucking HOT!) Aaron, Lance, Tom, Tahlia, Jen, & soo on.. Lol.

Tuesday: Tuesday was sport day!! YAY...... Na it was cool. I had some classes then sport at the end of the day. My classes are pretty good! All the teachers are soo nice & so are all the kids. I met more people & made more friends! It was soo fun. It was good I already knew a few people from there anyways. When it came to sport, We got to go to Towns beach & bludge. It was frickin awesome! But we had to run first lol.. Half of the beach & back..Somethin like that.... But then we were allowed to go swimming or play cricket lol.. I went swimming with Courtenay, Jenna & Jen, Then Jenna went back then I met Jade.. So it was Courtenay, Jen, Jade & me all battling the hard current of the open water. No seriously the water was really strong. Then Court went back then I got a cramp in my lower leg & couldn't swim so I nearly drowned but Jade & Jen saved me! Lol, (Thanks guys, <33) Then we had to head back in, So we started headin in & the water was prolly up bout 3inches about my ankles & Deane the bastard tackled me so I fell over then a wave came & pushed sand all down my pants!! ='( Then because the buses were there I wasn't allowed to go shower I had to chuck on my uniform & go! Then we got the bus back to school, Then had to wait another 40 mins for the main bus to come so I was waitin with sand down my pants for agers. So all up I had sand down my pants from arounnnnd 3:00, Till 4:30.. Soo annoying.

Wednesday: Today. It was totally cool. We had our Ash Wednesday Liturgies & like they put the sign of the cross on our forheads with this ash stuff.. =\.. I had drama! I fucking love it. Were studying Romeo & Juliet! & we'll be doin a play too!! <33 Yay but yeah today was pretty fun.. I can't really think much of what happened though.. Lol.. Uhmmm yeah nothings comin to me Oh well...

Nighty night ..

<333333 xxoxoxoxoxox

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Well that was a mission & a half, (P.s. Becca said hi *she's on the fone*) lol, I got hair dy everywhere, & most of all... It went black.. Not dark brown! It went all over my keyboard, floor, arm, hands, face (as u can see in the pic) arms, jeans, shirt, chest, fucking everywhere lol!!! Hectic shit. Ohhh well.


Peace Out <333333333


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goodbye to blonde and hello again to brunette! As they say, Brunettes have more fun =P hehe

Okay well at this moment, I am dying my hair back to dark brown, As on the conditions.. I have to. Because of regional & I like have bad regrowth now, & since it's a catholic school it's strict & we can't have 2tone color hair, & since my roots are bad she said I have to dy it brown. But I wanted to dy it brown anyways.. I was thinkin about it a few weeks back.. Or days?? Lol idk..

But I'm taking photo's of "before,during & after" the process lol.. I'm ultra stoned soo yeah don't blame me...

Be back soooonies

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Tonight was uber fun!! The circus was soo fuckin cool!! It's called "Cirque Le Voyageuse" Lol & I have no idea how to pronownce it haha. Uhmm they had these lil ponys that done these tricks they were soooooooo cute! & there was hot guys on trapieze. Hehe SeXy =P.. & a chick was on a trapiezy thing & Roxanne song, From Moulin Rough movie, & it was SO loud so when ewan mcgreggor sung his bit, It was like really good, Like i got shivvers down my spine.. Do you ever get that?? Lol atm Jess & holt are here, & we are so stoned!!! =P Holt's like passing out on the floor, & jess is passing out in the bed. She better not throw up agen! Hehehehe.

Tomorrow I work from 12pm til 5pm! Aww fuck i'm soo not in the mood for work......... :'( Oh well

I'm off

Peace out <33333 xox

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OMFG!!! The pricipal at regional said YES!!! Sooo im'a startin on monday *w00t!*

At the moment, Kylie is here, & we wanted to get a stick but Lyndi wasn't on.... So she rung this guy & he "delivered" the "goods" hahahaha it was sooo RANDOM!! Muahaha!! There's this circus on in town, At westport park.. & my father rang me yesterday & said he had 5 free tickets & like good seats & that he didn't want them so did i? & of course i was like.. OO yes thank you! muaha. So i'm goin with Jess, Holt, My mum, Taylor (My new lil next door neighbour)*she's sooo cute* & me.. Lol. Soo yeah I'll write later on how that was.

I'm sooo excited about monday when i go to regional!! For some odd reason I just love the dress hehe annnd yeah it's gonna be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Well yeah i'll write latiez

<33333 Peace out! xox

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